HW21 Smart Watch

HW21 Heart Rate Sports Pedometer Smart Watch G-sensor 3 Axis Magnetic Charging IP67 Multifunctional Smart Watch
  • Instant Calls Display
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Fashionable and Ultra-Thin
  • Wear fit Pro App
Brand: HW21
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Rs. 4,650
  • This watch adopts fashionable ultra-thin drawing process with a thickness of 8.9mm
  • Heart rate data display: This watch has a 24H continuous heart rate, the heart rate data can be seen on the dial
  • C-shaped wheel design: the watch uses an exclusive C-shaped wheel to drag the menu
  • The watch has rich standard dial market/custom dial/rich menu functions.
  • The watch is equipped with a new VC32S heart rate blood oxygen IC and data sensor.
  • Blood oxygen level is a key indicator to measure a person's overall health. It helps to understand the body's ability to absorb oxygen and the amount of oxygen delivered to the body. HW21 is equipped with a new VC32S heart rate blood oxygen IC and data sensor, allowing you to measure your blood oxygen level when you need it, and you can view the measurement results in the background during the day
  • High or low heart rate may be a sign of serious health problems, but people often cannot find the cause in time. HW21 can monitoring your heart. Once the heart rate data is found to be too high or too low, the watch will automatically send out an early warning reminder , So that you can take action in time.

Specifications of HW21 Smart Watch

Name HW21
Requirements Android5.0+ and IOS 10.0+
Battery Capacity 200mAH
Charging Port Magnetic
Button Style Full Screen Touch
Battery Life 65 Days
Waterproof Grade IP67
Package 1 x HW21 Box