HT-99 Smart Watch Apple

HT99 Apple Logo Smart Watch in Borderless full screen design with Best Price in Pakistan With Free Delivery.
  • 3D dynamic dial
  • Smart Split Screen
  • Encrypted Protection
  • Real time Data locking
Brand: Apple
Warranty: No Warranty
Availability: In Stock
Rs. 7,850
  1. It has a Crown Scroll Working option
  2. Side Button Just Like Original apple smartwatch
  3. Apple Logo On Start Up And Turn Off
  4. It has a Same Like Original Wireless Charger
  5. It has also came with Charging Shoe Also Just Like Original
  6. HT99 Smart Watch also have Uncountable Watch Faces
  7. Watch Face Customization Possible Through App as well

Specifications of HT-99 Smart Watch Apple

Name HT-99 Apple Logo
Battery Capacity 280mAh
Charging Port Magnetic
Button Style Screen
Strap Style Replaceable
Package 1 x Smart Watch Box